Odell Stunkard is an author, speaker and transformational teacher with over 30 years experience in service management. He has served as CAO, CFO, CEO and now co-owner of several businesses in his native Texas, where he currently resides, as well as Southeast Asia.

Odell enjoys spending time hiking, traveling, reading as well as spending time with friends and family.

His true passion is to teach about how to change one’s story. His own story of overcoming abuse, manipulation, oppression, alcohol, drugs and poverty to stand in a place of joy, peace and prosperity is the passionate message he delivers to teach transformational life and business strategies.

It is time to know WHAT to change and HOW to change it to insure there is a prosperous place for you, your family and your business to live and grow is Odell’s belief and motivation.

Odell teaches intentional strategies so you can disarm old programming and step into your destiny. He shows you how to apply the principles of Vision, Alignment and Engagement to all core aspects of your life and to couple those with powerful and easy strategies to stabilize and grow your business.

The application of Odell’s teachings, through his books, personal and professional development programs and transformational coaching will shift your life NOW and forever.