Let me take you back in time… 40 years to be exact. I can still remember the anticipation I felt as fall was approaching. As summer closed its doors, the Texas State Fair was preparing to open theirs and standing to greet me would be Big Tex, a 55ft tall cowboy promising me more fun and excitement than my 10 year old heart could handle.

Tickets in hand, my friends and I ran through the wafting smells of turkey legs and elephant ears to choose what was to be our first adventure. We stumbled upon the fun house and the vote was unanimously in favor of it (I would later regret this, and consider it to be a complete waste of my precious tickets).

Upon entering we found ourselves navigating through a labyrinth of mirrors. I didn’t think I could find my own way so I followed where my friends led me. Lost and confused I continued to run into nightmarish versions of myself. Grossly obese me, disfigured me, ugly me… I couldn’t wait to move on, but it didn’t get much better. We ran through the spinning tunnel and onto the earthquaking stairs. All the while strobe lights and ear piercing music was mixing with screams and the shout of my friends.

By the time we were done I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or have an epileptic seizure. I never went back to the “fun” house but little did I know I would again experience the same feelings of confusion and disorientation multiple times throughout my life — less the price of admission.

Maybe you have been there too. You stand at the entrance of the unknown, you know that on the other side lies the door to freedom, the door to your destiny, your authentic self. The hallway that will lead you to your ultimate destination is just like that fun house. Everything becomes distorted, you may see yourself as ugly, undeserving, unworthy. Maybe you’ve relied on your friend’s and family’s opinion of “where you should be heading” and “what’s right for you.”

Even when you can finally catch a glimpse of the finish line, the sounds and the chaos from others may lead you off of your planned path. If that doesn’t get you off course, there is always the spinning tunnel and the stairs that seem to fall out right under your feet. So what do you do?

You fight. This is the turbulence before the calm.

If you’ve been following me long enough you should already be prepared to handle this. You are armed with your intentional strategies. You keep an eagle eye focus on your vision, you know how to ground yourself through the principles of alignment and you walk (engagement) firmly and confidently in the direction of your destiny.

I say this to you with all sincerity: Friend, you are worthy. There is something very special and unique inside of you, something that only you can share with the world. All of this (and more) is waiting at the end of the chaos, on the other side of that door to your destiny.

Stay strong and be blessed,