Odell delivers a highly engaging message of true transformation. His teachings are empowering and encouraging but go way beyond pure motivation. Odell shares truly transformational tools and action steps that you can implement easily and immediately for fulfilling results.

To book Odell, please send your request to BookOdell@WholeBodyInstitute.org.

Odell’s Top 3 Keynote Speeches are:

Say Yes to Your Best Life Today!

Life is a series of choices. What if you consistently chose to say Yes to Your grand destiny?

In Say Yes to Your Best Life Today! You will discover;

  • How to use where you are and what you have to launch your best life Today.
  • How to use your vision to overcome any obstacle.
  • How to become bold in embracing your endless possibilities.

Show Up with Intention

Fulfillment is intentionally designed. What if you aligned NOW to make your
vision a reality?

In Show Up with Intention You will learn;

  • How to craft the conditions to intentionally attract success.
  • How to develop purposeful partnerships towards mutual fulfillment.
  • How to become fully aligned and ready to fulfill Your vision.

Step Out and Be Present!

Reality changes as we use applied faith. What if you engaged your mind, body
and energy towards the expressed achievement of your vision?

In Step Out and Be Present!, You will gain access on;

  • How to Identify the action steps you MUST take Now!
  • How to Purposely Execute Your Daily Action Plan.
  • How to become fully engaged in your vision Today.